Generate QR Codes

After creating a short link, you can generate a QR Code for it via the API. QR Code colors and file type options may be available depending on your subscription plan.

Creating a QR Code for a short link

A QR Code is generated at the individual link level using the GET method to the /v4/bitlinks/{bitlink}/qr endpoint.

GET /v4/bitlinks/{bitlink}/qr


You may be able to include additional query parameters in the request to customize the QR Code, depending on your subscription plan.

bitlink string
A Bitlink made of the domain and hash. This field is required.

color string
A color denoted in hexadecimal RGB format. There is no need to include the # sign. Additionally if no color is given, we default to black: 000000.

exclude_bitly_logo bool
Removes the Bitly branding logo from the bottom right of the generated QR image, either true or false.

image_format string
Determines the image format of the returned QR Code, either png or svg.

GET /v4/bitlinks/{bitlink}/qr?color=0000ff&exclude_bitly_logo=true&image_format=svg

A successful response will include a Base64 encoded image.

    "created": "string",
    "modified": "string",
    "id": "string",
    "link": "string",
    "qr_code": "",
    "customization": {
        "logo_image_guid": "",
        "color": "",
        "image_format": "",
        "exclude_bitly_logo": false

Link metrics

To retrieve the short link’s metrics, call the click data for the link behind the QR code with a call like GET /v4/bitlinks/{bitlink}/clicks. Review the Retrieve metrics section for more options.

The list of endpoints and available parameters is available in our API reference.