User Info / History


Return information about an OAuth app.

Authentication: oauth2


  • client_id - the client ID of the app.

Return Values

  • client_id - the client ID of the app
  • app_name - the app's name
  • app_description - the app's description
  • app_link - a URL about the app


Return or update information about a user.

Authentication: oauth2


  • login - (optional) the bitly login of the user whose info to look up. If not given, the authenticated user will be used.
  • full_name - (optional) set the users full name value. (only available for the authenticated user.)

Return Values

All requests

  • login - the specified bitly login or the login of the authenticated user.
  • member_since - Unix timestamp for the moment the user signed up.
  • full_name - (optional) the user's full name, if set.
  • display_name - (optional) the user's display name, if set.
  • share_accounts - (optional) a list of the share accounts (Twitter or Facebook) linked to the user's account.

Only included in requests for a user's own info

  • apiKey - the user's bitly API key.
  • is_enterprise - 0 or 1 to indicate if this account is signed up for Bitly Enterprise.
  • has_master - 0 or 1 to indicate if this account is a customer sub account.
  • has_password - true or false to indicate if this account has set a password.
  • custom_short_domain - A short domain registered with this account that can be used in place of for shortening links.
  • tracking_domains - A list of domains configured for analytics tracking.
  • default_link_privacy - public or private indicating the default privacy setting for new links.
  • domain_preference_options - A list of the valid short domains that this account can choose as a default.
Only included for enterprise accounts (is_enterprise == 1 or has_master == 1)
  • sub_accounts - (optional) list of accounts associated with this account.
  • e2e_domains - (optional) list of domains associated with this custom_short_domain.
  • tracking_url_prefixes - A list of owned 3rd party urls such as Facebook tracked for analytics
  • master_account - (optional) the login of a master account, if this is associated with an enterprise account.
  • enterprise_permissions - (optional) list of enterprise permissions associated with this account.
  • bbt_start_date - (optional) the date for when this account became a Bitly Enterprise account.

Example Request

API Address:
GET /v3/user/info?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN

Example Response

  "data": {
    "apiKey": "R_f6397a37e765574f2e198dba5bb59522", 
    "custom_short_domain": null, 
    "display_name": null, 
    "full_name": "Bitly API Oauth Demo Account", 
    "is_enterprise": false, 
    "login": "bitlyapioauthdemo", 
    "member_since": 1331567982, 
    "profile_image": "", 
    "profile_url": "", 
    "share_accounts": [], 
    "tracking_domains": []
  "status_code": 200, 
  "status_txt": "OK"