Public Bitly Data

There are many ways to find Bitly data to begin working with. Using the bitly API's user-level link history and analytics endpoints, any user's Bitlinks can automatically be imported into your application. Additionally, link-level analytics endpoints can be used to get information about any publicly exposed Bitlink, including the millions found on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

We are always looking to expose more interesting data sets to the Bitly developer community. If you have access to such data and you'd like to work with bitly on making it available publicly, please contact us at Data

Through a partnership with Measured Voice and the US Government, the data set containing all clicks on most .gov and .mil addresses is publicly available here. This data can be consumed as a realtime PubSub stream, and is stored in hourly archive as well.

Data Streams

Note: See also documentation on Bitly NSQ Data Streams.